General guide to attending a Zumba® Class

Covid-19 Update – Live weekly Zumba classes available online on Monday’s & Wednesday’s delivered on Zoom. Community based classes are temporarily on hold at Redhill Academy during the Tier 4 period.

 Q. Do I need to book?
A. Yes to join a class you need to book online. Classes can be booked up to six days in advance and until 1.15pm on the day of the class. 

Q. What if a class is cancelled?
A. In the event of a class being cancelled customers will be notified as soon as possible and any advance booking fees will automatically be transferred to the following week or to a class or time that is suitable for you.

Q. What measures are in place to maintain hygiene and ensure the safety of participants at Redhill Academy?
A. Redhill Academy has introduced rigorous health and safety procedures to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and members of the public that use the school and the schools facilities. This includes ongoing sanitising programmes on high contact surfaces and cleaning of all school premises before and after use including class rooms, cloakrooms, the gymnasium and main hall. The class is held in the main hall which is a large well ventilated room with two fire exits and stage. Kris has carried out a full risk assessment and calculated safe participation levels to allow for 3 metre social distancing. Floor markings are in place to ensure everyone participates at a safe distance from one another.

The school is only occupied by class participants on a Monday evening and a caretaker on site so other public attendance is minimal.

Kris will provide a hand sanitising station at the reception desk.  Please sanitise your hands on arrival (and at any other time during the class should you require).

There is a one way traffic flow system with separate entry and exit points to avoid clustering and unnecessary contact.  Both doors will be signposted ‘exit’ and ‘entrance’ and Kris will remind everyone on arrival at each class.

Kris will keep a register of all participants for a minimum period of 28 days.  If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 at Redhill Academy she will contact you immediately either by phone or text with information and advice.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know about the class at Redhill Academy?
A. Yes…
Anyone who has tested positive or is showing any signs of Covid-19 including a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste should not to attend class and should self isolate for a minimum of 14 days and should continue to self isolate if symptoms persist. Likewise, if you are living with anyone who has tested positive or is showing signs of Covid-19 please self isolate for a minimum of 14 days. For further advice and  information see the NHS website here.

In the interest of security and hygiene the main entrance will be locked two minutes before the class is due to start to ensure the school is secure and no one else enters the building.  Participants can still evacuate the building via the main entrance by turning the door latch or via the fire doors in the main hall. Please ensure you arrive on time.  It is important that the class starts and ends on time as members of the caretaking team will return to clean the premises for use for the following day and to lock up the building. Any delays starting or finishing will delay the staff at Redhill Academy.

Please arrive wearing a face mask however this can be removed during the class.  Current guidelines state that it is not an essential requirement for them to be worn during exercise classes.

Shouting is discouraged to avoid aerosol and droplet transmission.  Kris will be using a head-mike with windshield to communicate.

Q. I’m attending online classes, how do I get the most from my online class?
A. Aim to participate in a room that has plenty of space and away from other distractions.  If possible discourage other people from using the internet during your class, particularly discourage people from downloading at that time which will slow the internet down.  Please use the latest version of a standard internet browser, such as Chrome or Safari, please do not use Internet Explorer.  View on a laptop, tablet or even your TV rather than a phone, it’s easier to see.  Simple but easily forgotten – Remember to plug your device in, you don’t want your device to run out of juice part way through your class.  Please tell your instructor if you have any medical conditions or injuries that may effect you training. Do feedback to your instructor, what worked, what didn’t and any queries you may have, this is your class and a small change can make a big difference. Most of all enjoy, this is your workout and time for you 🙂

Q. What do I need during the class?
A. Please ensure you have a bottle of water and towel during your class. If you are attending the class at Redhill Academy please bring a bottle of water, hand towel and other essentials (keys, mobile phone) but if possible keep other personal belongings to a minimum to avoid cross infection.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Loose comfortable clothing that allow you to move unrestricted e.g. leggings and tee shirt and a pair of trainers or dance sneakers.

Q. I’ve never done a class before can I still join?
A. Yes, classes are suitable for all participants, participants work at different levels that are suitable for them.

Q. What will I achieve?
A. Zumba is great for body conditioning, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. 

Q. I’ve got a medical condition/disability will I be able to do the class?
A. It very much depends on the nature of the condition but it doesn’t necessarily exclude you from classes. You should always discuss any areas of concern with your instructor and may need to seek medical advice from your GP or health professional.

Q. Is there a maximum or minimum age that can do the class?
A. Yes, participants need to be aged 16 or above, there’s no maximum age but if you’re over 120 years old you will need your GP’s consent 🙂

Q. What time should I arrive?
A. 10 minutes before the class begins.

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